YouTube preparing to launch game streaming service

After losing Twitch (The biggest online game streaming service) to Amazon, Google focuses YouTube to compete against Twitch as the newest game streaming service.  Amazon (now the proud owner of Twitch) acquired the game streaming company for 1.1 Billion dollars, while Google bought YouTube for 1.65 Billion dollar in 2006.


Twitch drew over 30 million viewers for the 2015 North America League of Legends Champion series. 30 Million viewers are incredible for streaming an E-sport event but let’s not forget about YouTube’s memorable moments of the most viewed videos online. According to, The one hit wonder South Korean phenomenon, Psy’s Gangnam Style was viewed 2,307,000,000 billion and still counting as of March 2015 data. Although this may not be a great comparison between the most views from Twitch versus YouTube, imagine the popularity of YouTube’s game streaming service once it is ready.


What is your opinion on Google’s new take? Do you think it can compete against Amazon’s Twitch?

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